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More Inclusive Justice

The Michigan Court of Appeals needs a judge who is smart, hard-working, flexible in expertise, compassionate, and committed to ensuring that even our state’s most vulnerable can access the system.

Michigan 2nd Court of Appeals

"[F]rom the outset of her career, Kerene has devoted her talents to improving access to justice and community outreach. She would bring to the Court of Appeals precisely the array of background experiences that the Court of Appeals judges need to fulfill our obligation to achieve justice for all litigants."


Chief Judge Elizabeth Gleicher

Washtenaw County Circuit Court

“You will find no better advocate for justice in the courts than Ms. Moore. We have worked together on many cases, and she has always demonstrated superior analytical ability, sound judgment, and superb legal research and writing skills. Ms. Moore is a dedicated public servant who has consistently served those who are unable to afford legal representation. If elected, her tireless promotion of access to justice for all citizens will help open the courthouse doors to everyone.”


Judge Tracy Van den Bergh

Washtenaw County Circuit Court


Judge Timothy Connors

“The Michigan Court of Appeals issues decisions that serve as guiding forces for the paths open to judges to achieve justice for the communities we serve. Ms. Moore has appeared regularly before me, and I have always been impressed by her legal mind and compassion for understanding the complex issues intertwined in cases. Ms. Moore would bring a unique and important voice to the Court of Appeals and I enthusiastically support her candidacy.”